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Vista Centre Brain Injury Services

Vista Centre Brain Injury Services (VCBIS) is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors whose role is to plan and determine policy and be accountable to the community it serves, so that the stated purpose, goals and objectives of the organization can be attained.

Due to the life altering effects of a brain injury, VCBIS has made a commitment to ensuring that the delivery of services is based primarily upon the unique and individual needs of each person. Long term support programs are often necessary and are provided as long as there is potential for goal achievement.


Operating a residential home located in the Westboro area. The home provides staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


VCBIS encourages clients and individuals with the opportunity to fully participate in their community,


Participants develop leisure lifestyle skills, broaden community awareness, improve self-esteem and develop relationships.


VCBIS offers a variety of group activities specifically designed to meet the various need and interest of our clients.

Service Model

Teams consisting of clients, family member/significant others, staff members and community professionals work together as an integrated team to provide a holistic approach to support the client. Intervention/support is provided in the least intrusive way and is based on the principles of empowerment and facilitation to ensure an optimum level of personal control and self esteem is achieved by each individual.

VCBIS provides lifelong support to persons with an acquired brain injury through the use of a Community-Based Living Model. This model focuses on each client living within a community environment, accessing generic services, both of a professional/supportive (such as community health care) and personal (e.g., grocery shopping) nature. VCBIS's support efforts include assisting people to overcome impairments within their living environment and while in the community. Rehabilitation efforts include compensatory strategies, such as behaviour management and restorative efforts, such as short-term memory improvement.

By using the community-based living model in conjunction with a clinical approach that incorporates an eclectic use of intervention strategies, as discussed below, Vista Centre is well equipped to support persons with an acquired brain injury who experience moderate to severe behavioural challenges. All needs, requirements, and special considerations are identified within the Individual Support Plan, a document that provides a holistic rehabilitation and maintenance plan.

For information on the model: Whatever it Takes: A Model for Community-based Services


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Vista Centre Brain Injury Services
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services2 hours ago
Video transcript of the latest webinar now online:
Practical Strategies for Achieving Success After mTBI.
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Vista Centre Brain Injury Services
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services6 days ago
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Vista Centre Brain Injury Services
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services2 weeks ago
Presenting the results of our program evaluation at UHN's TBI conference

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