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Family Support Group

The Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley (BIAOV)is a non-profit organization, which exists for the needs of families and survivors of brain injury in the Ottawa regions.

As part of their services BIAOV offers spouses, parents and friends of people with brain injury the opportunity to share, listen and express their daily experiences. Periodically speakers are welcome addressing topics of interest to their members. Suggestions for topics of interest are always appreciated.

New members are always welcome to join their meetings every third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Brain Injury Association Offices, Suite 300 - 211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa. For more information please call the office at (613) 233-8303.

Family Support Articles


Describes how spouses, parents and friends of people with brain injury can share, listen and express their daily experiences

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Describes the Rancho Los Amigos Scale and provides suggestions for how families can support a person with brain injury through the different stages of recovery.

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Browse through three (3) guide books that have been developed to assist family members and loved ones through the difficult phases of rehabilitation.

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Courtesy of

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information taken with permission from Getting Better and Better After Brain Injury. Describes recognizing signs of stress and how to effectively manage stress.

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Les préoccupations de la Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec en matière de réadaptation existent depuis sa création en 1978.

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Vista Centre Brain Injury Services
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services11 hours ago
We are hiring!
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services1 day ago
On May 13th, 2020, we were scheduled to offer our annual Compassion Fatigue Conference. An event that always provided a way for Gluckstein Lawyers to give back to the community through relevant and engaging presenters, networking opportunities and practical takeaways.
Unfortunately, this year we were unable to hold our event, needing to cancel it as part of Covid-19 social distancing requirements. We, along with our planned attendees, were all so disappointed, especially feeling like if there was ever a year where we needed come Compassion Fatigue resources and supports, this was the year.

As a way of trying to give back somehow instead of our live conference, we decided to host a virtual CF webinar with Dr. Parmjit Singh, to present to our registrants about how to manage extreme stress during a crisis.
We are happy to share that the webinar has now been uploaded to our Gluckstein Lawyers YouTube channel.

We plan to offer more webinars soon from a variety of speakers and we hope to continue providing support and resources related to Compassion Fatigue in one form or another. Stay tuned for more information!
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services2 days ago
May 26, 2020 Virtual Workshop Calendar for June 2020 The Bronson Hub, in partnership with Flo’s Seniors, is offering a series of virtual workshops for free to older adults in Ottawa. These workshops will run for three months from June 1st to August 31st. Below you will find information about the w...

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