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Ninth Annual Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Brain Injury Awareness Day - Wednesday June 14, 2017

Acquired Brain Injury

  1. Acquired Brain Injury: How it affects the Brain

    Source: Dr. James Kelly, Professor of Neurosurgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.

  2. Traumatic Brain Injury - Part 1 (courtesy of brainstreams.ca)

    Learn from Dr. Yao about some of the causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and what may happen to the brain as a result of the TBI.

  3. Traumatic Brain Injury - Part 2 (courtesy of brainstreams.ca)

    Further learning's about Traumatic Brain Injury including what happens when there is an increase in pressure inside your skull. Dr Yao will also touch on what occurs when a brain tumour develops.

  4. Acquired Brain Injury Outcomes - Part 1 (courtesy of brainstreams.ca)

    Learn from Dy. Yao about how factors such as age, severity of injury, pre-existing health conditions as well as having good social supports can impact outcomes.

  5. Acquired Brain Injury Outcomes - Part 2 (courtesy of brainstreams.ca)

    Learn the difference between a mild, moderate and severe traumatic brain injury. Dr. Yao will also explain what are the meanings of the acronyms GCS, PTA, CT and MRI?

  6. Recovery after an Acquired Brain Injury (courtesy of brainstreams.ca)

    Learn from Dr. Yao about recovery during the acute and rehabilitation stages of injury. Find out more about compensatory strategies as well as how families can support their loved ones during recovery.