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Providing support to individuals living with the effects of Brain InjuryProviding support to individuals living with the effects of Brain Injury

Keep Your Brain Healthy

It's all about preventing an injury, living a healthy life and finding ways to take care of your body, mind and spirit.


  • Reduce or eliminate the risk of injury to your brain
  • Eat a healthy diet - limit sugar, salt and alcohol; eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day; eat more cold water oily fish (or fish oil supplements)
  • Monitor and control your blood pressure, blood sugar and weight
  • Keep physically active - aim for 30 minutes of brisk exercise a day
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night



  • Take steps to reduce stress in your life such as using relaxation techniques, deep breathing, positive thinking, meditation/praying, visualisation, enjoying nature
  • Find activities that give meaning and purpose to your life
  • Develop and maintain a network of people who are supportive to you
  • Look for ways to support others

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