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MG Law

Vista Centre

Ninth Annual Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Brain Injury Awareness Day - Wednesday June 14, 2017

Articles for Professionals

  • Managing Problem Behaviours
    Courtesy of Brainstream.ca

    Describes changes in the behaviour of a person with brain injury and strategies in dealing with such behaviour.

  • Whatever it Takes: A Model for Community-based Services
    Barry Willer and John D Corrigan Brain Injury, 1994, Vol 8, No 7, 647-659

    Describes the 10 principles presented as an ideal model for community ABI programs.

  • Brain Injury and Substance Abuse

    The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Toronto) and the Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network developed this educational resource for providers working in the fields of Brain Injury and Substance Abuse.

  • Working with families

    The most important word in dealing with families is collaboration. This article provides a number of suggestions for dealing with families of a person with brain injury.