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Providing support to individuals living with the effects of Brain InjuryProviding support to individuals living with the effects of Brain Injury

Family Support Articles

  • Family Support Group

    Describes how spouses, parents and friends of people with brain injury can share, listen and express their daily experiences.

  • How to Support Your Family at Different Stages

    Describes the Rancho Los Amigos Scale and provides suggestions for how families can support a person with brain injury through the different stages of recovery.

  • Family Guides

    Browse through three (3) guide books that have been developed to assist family members and loved ones through the difficult phases of rehabilitation.

  • If Your Loved One is Addicted to an Unhealthy Behaviour - 10 Do's and Don'ts
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  • How to Effectively Manage Stress
    Source: Information for this section was taken, with permission, from Getting Better and Better After Brain Injury (

    Describes recognizing signs of stress and how to effectively manage stress.

  • Brochure a l'intention des familles

    Les préoccupations de la Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec en matière de réadaptation existent depuis sa création en 1978. Consciente des difficultés que provoquent certains traumatismes graves sur le plan humain, la Société publie la présente brochure afin de venir en aide aux personnes qui sont aux prises avec les problèmes qu'entraîne un traumatisme cranio-cérébral.