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Ninth Annual Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Brain Injury Awareness Day - Wednesday June 14, 2017

Support Groups

VCBIS offers a variety of group activities specifically designed to meet the various need and interest of our clients. VCBIS presently facilitates the following groups;

Adjustment Group

The VCBIS Adjustment Group takes place every second Thursday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm at the VCBIS office located at 214-211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario. The main objective of the group is to promote cognitive development and social/emotional adjustment to individuals recovering and living with the effects of an acquired brain injury. This is achieved through the sharing of experiences among participants and their active participation in the discussion of educational material presented and facilitated by a staff member, in a non judgemental and non competitive environment.

Out to Lunch

The main objective of the Out to Lunch group is to encourage communication, co-operation and companionship in an informal setting over lunch. Participants share the responsibility for developing the structure and content of the group activities with assistance provided by VCBIS staff.

For time and date of the next Out to Lunch, please contact VCBIS at 613-234-4747

General reminder that the participants in the Out to Lunch Support Group are responsible for the cost of their meal.

Women's Group

The focus of this group is to provide a supportive environment for women to explore the utilization of their strengths in becoming a woman in control of her life. The sessions are highly practical and interactive with an emphasis on relating learned skills to everyday life experiences. Participants share the responsibility for developing the structure and activities of the group, with assistance provided by VCBIS staff. Topics may include:

  • Positive self-concept
  • Organization systems
  • Active Problem Solving skills
  • Promotion of healthy living by nurturing ourselves and having fun
  • Dealing with loss and moving on
  • Setting of personal goals and the development of confidence in achieving those goals
  • Enhancement of parenting skills
  • Handling conflict without anger and guilt
  • Getting "what you want" through "Positive Action"

Please contact VCBIS for information regarding the next meeting at 613-234-4747

Healing HeART

  • A therapeutic form of communication for individuals who might otherwise have a difficult time expressing themselves
  • A Symbolic self-expression of various thoughts, emotions, memories and feelings

Although workshops are therapeutic, we are not art therapists. Participants are there to create and express without a counsellors interpretation.

See Pamphlet for further details

Anger Management

A 16 week program, designed to explore ways to express anger constructively, debunk some common myths surrounding anger and learn effective skills and strategies to improve communication with others as well as reducing the presentation of anger.

Please contact VCBIS for additional information regarding this group at 613-234-4747

Eligibility Criteria

  • Diagnosis of an Acquired Brain Injury; where an Acquired Brain Injury is defined as damage to the brain which occurs after birth and can result from either a traumatic brain injury (e.g. physical trauma due to accidents, motor vehicles, falls, assaults, neurosurgery etc.) or nontraumatic injury derived from either an internal or external source (e.g. stroke, brain tumours, infection, poisoning, hypoxia, ischemia, encephalopathy or substance abuse). However all definitions of Acquired Brain Injury exclude neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Age 18 years and older, with special consideration being given to those individual 16 to 18 years of age.
  • Individuals have the willingness to increase their independence and express interest in participating in a program to accomplish their goals.
  • Individual assessments will be completed for persons dealing with addiction issues or experiencing significant behavioural and/or psychiatric challenges,
  • Living in, or about to be living in, the city of Ottawa

Cost of Services

Participation in any groups might entail a small additional cost to defray the extra cost of supplies, food purchases on any additional expense involves in participating in a particular group.

Application for Services

To enroll in any of our groups please contact the main office at (613) 234-4747.